Pricing H&H 2019

Trip Price:

$1,400 or $800 for a single destination beginning and ending in Delhi



Week 1: January 15th-22nd

  • IMG_1773Car Transportation from Delhi to Rishikesh
  • Accommodations in Rishikesh at a serene Yoga Ashram
    • -food Optional included for additional charge TBD
  • Transportation back to Delhi-
  • Overnight in Bohemian Hostel

Week 2: January 22nd-30th

  • Ride from Hostel to Airport and Flight to Bhubaneswar
  • Car Ride to Raghurajpurunadjustednonraw_thumb_1f94
  • Accommodations in Village (local* think camping in-doors with electricity and flushing toilets/running water) & all group Meals included! (meals are vegetarian with some fish options)
  • Art Supplies for making work during workshop times. (additional supplies can be found/made/purchased at a nominal cost)
  • Transportation to Puri & Sun Temple for day excursions
  • Car Transportation back to Bhubaneswar and Flight to Delhi


Event Wraps up at Delhi Airport.


Travelers are encouraged to stay in India once our travels have concluded and see the Golden Triangle (Aggra, Jaipur, featuring the Taj Mahal) together. Delhi is also a very good airport to depart from as it is relatively inexpensive to travel to more ‘touristy’ (western friendly) destinations- like Goa- from Delhi.


Does not include:

  • Flight to and From Delhi
  • Day Trips
  • Entry to Museums/Monuments/Etc or Site Seeing
  • Personal Travel Insurance (required to attend)
  • Visa (also required to attend)
  • Passport (required to attend)
  • Excursions you take with or separate from the group (white water rafting, bungee jumping, SUV tour etc)
  • Splits of shared rides in Rickshaws or other transportation once we have arrived in our city of exploration
  • Tips
  • Meals in Rishikesh (side note: Emily is still working to arrange a meal plan, however meals are very inexpensive in Rishikesh and most restaurants there cater to western yogis/tourists- so think vegan, vegetarian, german bakeries, pizza, sandwiches, fresh juice- you can get it all and a smile in Rishikesh and for about $10-40 a day-depending on how extravagant you like to eat.
  • Spending $ for fabric, spices, paintings, scarves, leather bound note books, massages, ayurvedic treatments, tattoos- you name it!