K.I.A.R. Residency

I am currently serving as the international director for an immersive residency program¬†in Raghurajpur, Odisha India. The residency name is Kalakhetra International Artist in Residence Program, or, for those of us who may have a hard time pronouncing “Kalakhetra” we have the short name KIAR or “Perform Odisha”as the word Kalakhetra in Odiya means “to perform one’s part in an integrative culture and art environment”.

Raghurajpur is a craft, culture and heritage village. The primary focus for life in the village is visual art, performance art (in the form of dance and rites), and of course, honoring/preserving traditions of making and selling.

I, myself, lived in Raghurajpur as a resident artist and soon you can find links to information about the village,  the art made in the village, the classes that will be held during the K.I.A.R residency, and other thoughts about traveling through India.

If you wish to apply to the residency, full information can be found at (performodisha.com). This link is no longer valid. New information will be available soon. Meanwhile find us at ResArtis.net.