Heart & Hands: 2019

Dates: January 15th- 30th

16 Days!

Ever wanted to experience India but didn’t know where to start? Do you Enjoy insider ‘off the beaten trail’ activities? Are you open and adventure oriented?

This trip, organized by K.I.A.R. program director, art professor, Yogini, writer, organizer, and dancer Emily Schuhmann will give guests a local and personalized experience of two cities in India: Rishikesh (in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and birthplace of Yoga) and Raghurajpur (an artist city near the beach town of Puri on the Eastern Coast).

H&H focuses efforts on facilitating one on one interactions between guests and locals as well as local culture/s. Travel time on this journey is streamlined and minimized: giving participants ample time to explore each city in depth and to form relationships with our hosts/host cities.

Our journey begins in Delhi with car ride to Rishikesh where we’ll enjoy site-seeing, hiking, yoga, culture and religious events (like Ganga Arti). Perhaps we may even swim in a pristine waterfall (*depending on the weather conditions).

From there we travel through Delhi to Bhubaneswar by plane and automobile where we’ll visit one of the oldest ‘yogini’ temples in India (a temple dedicated to goddess worship) and finish our journey with a car or bus ride to Raghurajpur where participants will get a taste for rural village life and will have the opportunity to work along side artisans to make visual arts &/or to take dance classes. During this part of the trip we will take 2 separate day-long adventures to see the art and sculptures in the temples in Puri (a beach community) and will visit the massive historical site of the Sun Temple with it’s erotic carvings!

Plenty of self directed time will be available to participants as will compassionate and respectful guidance and information about what to expect in terms of culture differences and traditions.

Other aspects to look forward to:

  • See, Hear, Smell, Feel, and Participate in INDIA: walk the streets, ride in a rickshaw (and maybe on a motor cycle…) drink milk chai from a stand- have a fresh made samosa
  • Shop the spice markets, craft markets, and fabric centers
  • Meet Locals
  • Stay in the birthplace of Yoga
  • Enjoy Kirtan (singing) sessions, Yoga, and Meditation
  • Learn about the Hindu gods and goddesses
  • Experience visual art in almost every aspect of your day
  • Participate in Ganga Arti Ceremony
  • Meditate on the Banks of the Ganga and on the shores of the Bay of Bengal (at the Beach!)
  • Eat Amazing Vegetarian and Locally Grown Foods
  • Enjoy ‘insider’ information about where to go and what to do
  • Explore the abandoned “Beatles Ashram” and nearby Tiger Reserve
  • Hike nature trails in the foothills of the Himalayas (and possibly see a waterfall or two)
  • Be welcomed in temples and enjoy an occasional personalized blessing
  • Learn the traditional visual arts or dance of Raghurapur alongside locals and create your own art work to bring home.
  • Stay in a beautiful, scenic, rural art town where every house is a gallery!
  • Visit the Yogini temple
  • Travel in the comfort of a small group
  • Make Authentic Connections with your fellow travelers
  • Express and Explore your Creativity
  • Experience the ‘Magic’ of India!

Full Schedule will be available soon.

Once our journey is completed participants will have the ability to stay a few extra days  in Delhi and go together on a tour of the golden triangle (4-6 additional days) or can stay in Raghurajpur for an additional $250 per week as long as they please.