What Do I Need To Join the Guided Trip 2020?

The ideal traveler to enjoy the Guided Trip: India 2020 and the Art WorkShop in Raghurajpur would be someone interested in having real, local, down to earth, authentic experiences in India: particularly experiences that have a cultural, spiritual, visual, yogic, or traditional flavor.

Having a positive attitude and an ability to go with the flow will be critical as events do not unfold in India as they do in Western society- we think this is one of it’s greatest charms- but we understand that dealing with some degree of un-certainy might be difficult for some. Some strenuous activities may be involved, like stair climbing, walking to and from spaces carrying one’s own luggage, or sleeping on the floor (only for the Art WorkShops) with a bedding mat and mosquito net sans air conditioning-it will not always be this way- but some level of discomfort can be expected as we cannot make everyday sunny and 72F. Please Note that Guided Tour Participants will be staying in 4-5 star hotels and will not be without ac, heat, or a western style bed.

Another charm of India is sound- India absolutely hums with vibrancy and life- its great walking down the street and hearing a mantra as it floats towards you from an open door- it’s not so great at night when there is a wedding happening 3 blocks away or when monkeys decide to dance on the tin roof 2 floors above you at 4am. We think this aspect is charming-  Part of the nature of this trip is that you will not be prohibited from experiencing the quarks and richness of India. On the Guided Trip you’ll have the gates and sound proofing of the western style hotels- For the Art Workshops you’ll be living and experiencing the mix: the profound teaming of life, energy, food, smells, spirit, love, hospitality, and strange wonderment that is India on the local level guided by a seasoned traveler!

If this sounds great & you’re ready to start your journey check out our timeline and fill in the data below.


Now-March Accepting Participants/Travelers

**Participants are encouraged to check with their doctor or CDC for recommendations for shots and other travel safety measures as soon as they know they are going. Some shots require time to become effective so the sooner the better. Note that shots are not mandatory and are up to the individual. We recommend Tetnis and Hepatits shots.

January 10th, February 10th, March 10th- Skype information sessions including information on Visa procurement and what to expect as well as Q&A.

April 1st- Due date for initial deposits (Guided Tour- $1,200 & Art Workshop $300)

September 30th- Due date for final deposit

September 10th and October 10th- Skype sessions

Want to Apply: Fill in the following:

After filling in the above application we will send an email detailing further steps and welcoming you to our trip. Thank you for your interest in traveling with us!