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November  2020

1st or 2nd – 14th or 15th


Skype Information Sessions January 10th, February 10th, March 10th 7pm

April 1: Deadline for Spot Reservation, Non-refundable $300 USD deposit to Raghurajpur Village via Raghunath Das (Paypal/Western Union accepted)

This year there will be 2 weeks of guided workshops in Raghurajpur.  These art workshops are an immersive culture sharing program in Raghurajpur, Odisha India and are affiliated with an international artist residency program name Kalakhetra International Artist in Residence Program. For those of us who may have a hard time pronouncing “Kalakhetra” we have the short name KIAR or “Perform Odisha”as the word Kalakhetra in Odiya means “to perform one’s part in an integrative culture and art environment”.

Raghurajpur is a craft, culture and heritage village. The primary focus for life in the village is visual art, performance art (in the form of dance and rites), and of course, honoring/preserving traditions of making and selling. I, myself, lived in Raghurajpur as a resident artist and came back to my own work and life completely exhilarated and inspired. For the past years I have been doing service work as international coordinator helping artist find and connect to this amazing place!

All weekly fees go directly to the villiage and it’s artists and are used to sustain the traditions of this beautiful place.

Below is further information about what learning and living in Raghurajpur will be like. This year’s workshops will feature palm leaf carving, cow dung sculpture, mask making, patachittra painting and dancing. Workshops are taught by demonstrating and then copying the master craftsperson. They are beginner level but have applications that advanced artists may see and utilize in the spaces provided.

There is plenty of down time during the residency to enjoy the villiage and in early November we’ll get to see and participate in many of the festivals including  Diwali!!  Yoga classes, kirtan/bhakti singing sessions, and short talks will be given by Emily or other volunteers who have expertise in these areas. Daily Q & A and Information sessions occur at breakfast to help participants understand the history of what they are learning and experiencing. An additional trip to see the erotic carvings at the Konark Temple will also be organized depending on interest and availability.

If you wish to apply to these 2 week workshops you can do so here. You can also select your own time frame to attend (sans Emily) on our website as it is run and presented by the village Organizers Raghunath Das and Sundarshan Swain, ( or via

A bit more information about the experience:

Who we Are:

Kalakhetra Internataional Artist’s Residency is an artist run residency that seeks to bring western and other international artists into collaboration and exchange with the visual artists of Raghurajpur, a cultural villiage in Odisha (Orrisa) India. Staff for the program consist of two villiage artists: Sundarshan Swain (master stone carver) and Raghunath (Choi) Das (master palm leaf carver) , international coordinator: Emily Schuhmann (metalsmith and adjunct professor), and state coordinator Mahavir (Anu) Anjan Gourab.

As a working international collaboration, the program blends local workshops arranged by Sundarshan and Choi with excursions, traditional studio time, and critiques/conversations arranged by Emily.

Where we are:

Raghurajpur, near Puri in state of Odisha (Orrissa) India

How to get there:

By car: It is recommended that artist fly into Bhubaneshwar and travel via automobile/auto rickshaw to Raghurajpur.

Artist’s are responsible for cost of travel to and from Raghurajpur, Orissa, India. As a courtesy, KIAR will meet arriving artists at the airport or train station in Bhubaneshwar and obtain transportation — car or auto rickshaw — to Raghurajpur for them. (this is an additional $50 expense). In order to extend this courtesy, the international coordinator must be advised of arrival and departure schedules as soon as they are obtained.

By Train:

Artists wishing to travel to Raghurajpur via train (once in India) can do so from many of the major hubs nearby. There are stations in Puri and Bhubaneswar where trains can be accessed.

By Plane:

It is recommended that artist fly into Bhubaneshwar and travel via automobile to Raghurajpur.

*** Be advised that it is often LESS expensive to fly from your international destination into Delhi and then separately book an Air India or Indigo flight to Bhubaneshwar.

Typical Residency Schedule:

Work Days:

Breakfast 9am.

Scheduled course time 10am-1pm.

Lunch 1pm,

2pm-7pm Optional guided session in the afternoon or solo studio time

Dinner around 7-8pm,

Socializing or continued work time afterward.

There are weekly culture events and side trips we arrange during the primary 5 weeks and can be arranged on request during ‘self-directed residencies’



Will be done for you, by a resident chef. Meals are served 9am, 1pm, and 7-9pm. If you do not want a meal, simply inform staff that you will be skipping. Kitchen is locked when not used by staff.

Food/ Drink

Meals will be vegetarian with the occasional fish. You will be served by a member of the residency , with the exception of festival days in which you will be invited to eat as a group with the community.

Studio Space- You will have class-room space. You may use this as personal studio space or you may choose to work in any of the collective spaces in the village OR larger space can be made available to you- the general rule is to ask for what you need.


You will have access to both western style and India style toilets. You will have access to showers; most people prefer cool showers as the climate is very warm- hot water can be made available upon request.

Living spaces are not air conditioned or heated. In February temperatures are between 86F to 96F at the warmest and 50F-60F at the coolest in the evening.


Traditional beds are twin size bed padding laid across a basic wooden frame or laid directly on the floor. Residents may consider brining an air mattress, if they prefer thicker padding, however it is traditional in this area to sleep directly on the floor or on small pads. Its much cooler with thinner pads.


Raghurajpur is a tropical location near Puri and 19 degrees above the equator. Temperature, last year in 2017 the average temperature highs were 30-35 C (86-95 F) and the lows were 15-22C (59-71F). You’ll want lighter weight full coverage fabrics.

See Artist Workshops in India page to get dates for Emily’s trip this year:

There are two programs

Program 1: Main Program

November 1st- 14th. $600 total for both weeks to be paid in advance via Paypal to Raghunath Das.  Optional ($50 for airport pick up) and ($40-$50 for day trip to Connark SunTemple)

Reservation and Depost of $300 Reqired by April 1st.

Program 2: Self-Directed

In this program you provide us with the dates you wish to visit the villiage and the workshops (if any you wish to attend)

Pricing: $300 per week

Includes workshops, studio space, shared room/bedding, shared restroom, and 3 meals a day, supplies to be used during the workshops

Does not include: getting to the village or personal expenses, any additional art supplies you might need.